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New Mexico EMS Awards

The Statewide EMS Advisory Committee and the Emergency Medical Services Bureau are proud to announce the call for the 2020 State EMS Awards nominations. During these difficult times while EMS providers, instructors and services are doing their best to provide care we want to recognize those who have excelled or best exemplify the professionalism of our work. We encourage anyone to nominate a deserving individual for one of the categories found on the nomination form. In order to be considered, applications must be received before or postmarked no later than November 15, 2020.
EMS Regions, EMS Training Institutions and EMS services are encouraged to submit nominations. We ask that no more than three typed pages of background narrative and documentation supporting the nomination be submitted.  Any person or system nominated for any category will be considered by the EMS Advisory Awards Subcommittee.

Nominations may be emailed to:

Jacob Bennett –

Kyle Thornton –


 Nomination may be sent by mail to: 

EMS Bureau

Attn: State Awards

1301 Siler Rd. Suite F

Santa Fe, NM 87507

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EMS Fund Act FY 2022

The Emergency Medical Systems Bureau applications are NEWLY revised for Fiscal Year 2022. 

Download applications to your computer before filling them out for full functionable capabilities.

Local EMS System Improvement Projects:  These are projects that will contribute to the enhancement and/or integration of the local EMS System (For the purposes of funding, a local recipient means one or more services within a single EMS System).

EMS Vehicle Purchase Project: Under this program, municipalities and counties may apply for financial support to obtain an EMS Vehicle.  In order to receive financial support, the applicant (County or Municipality) must commit to providing a cash match of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the base price of the vehicle.

Statewide EMS System Improvement Project: This category shall include projects which improve the health and safety of residents of the entire state, provide training opportunities for EMS personnel all over New Mexico, or other similar projects.  (For the purposes of funding, “statewide” means involvement and collaboration of a minimum of two (2) or more of the following: EMS local systems, counties, training institutions, an EMS Regional office or the Bureau).

EMD Agency Support Program:  Certified EMD Agencies may apply for funding to assist with allowable operational costs under an EMS Local/State System Improvement Projects, when funds are available.

Applications must be post-marked by or hand-delivered to the EMS Bureau by close of business Friday, November 20, 2020.

Your regional offices are available to assist you in completing a quality, competitive application.  Prior to submission, all applications must be reviewed by your Regional Office.  Any applications (no exceptions) without Regional Office Review and signature, will be considered incomplete, and will not be accepted, this includes Training Institutions, etc.  It is not the Regional office responsibility to mail these to the Bureau unless discussed prior if all is complete.  Must send original and 2 copies, NO SPECIAL BINDING- SINGLE STAPLE IN LEFT CORNER ONLY!!

Please note that if you need an extension you must request an extension prior to the due date “NOT” the day it is due.  No exceptions.

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TSFA FY 2022

The FY2022 TSFA Trauma System Development Applications are now available. There are important updates to the process.
Each project must be submitted as an independent application.
All applications must be reviewed by the Regional EMS office.
Applications are due January 7, 2021

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